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Hey Everyone,

Just to let you know that we are in the process of creating a new website for you all.

Watch this space!

Sunday Jan 19th

Hey @nflinlondon fans.

Just to let you know that we will be showing both games this Sunday at the Hippodrome Casino until the wee hours (luckily they are open 24hrs).

Great food and drink specials and loads of new friends on our booming big screen.

Get there early to enjoy the best that the Hippo has to offer.

Also make sure to get your Super Bowl tickets now off the Hippodrome website.

See you this Sunday.

Sunday Jan 12th Games

Hey NFL fans,

Come on down to the Hippodrome Casino tonight where we will be showing the NFL match-ups in our fabulous Matcham Theatre.

Loads of fans, deals on food and drinks as well.

See you Sunday!

Hippodrome Casino FAQs

Some Hippodrome Casino questions answered as we head to the playoffs.

How much does it cost to enter?
A-It's free, although there may be a package for the Superbowl.

Are Super Bowl tickets available yet?
A-No. But by the end of next week.

How long are you open?

Can I make a reservation?
A-No. The casino operates a 'first come, first seat' policy.

Can I wear my jersey?
A-Yes. Hats can be worn, but removed at the door for security purposes.

Where does the party take place?
A-Depends on the night/ bookings. Generally the first floor bar, and always in the new basement Speakeasy. Big Sunday matches will be in the Matcham theatre.

What does NFL in London do?
A-We are the promoters for the casino. We also promote other American sports for them as well.

My sister is a swimsuit model, and wants to meet your team. Would you show her love?
A-Bring her by, we will see.

NFL Wildcard Games

Sick of your family?

Want to extend your holiday joy with NFL games?

Head to the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square for the best NFL Wildcard Games, NCAA College Football Games, and also NHL & NBA action as well.

Jan 1st
College football all day in our basement Speakeasy. Plus at 6pm we will be showing the NHL Winter Classic between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings.

Jan 4th
NFL Wild Card action

Jan 5th
NFL Wild Card  Games

NCAA Bowl Games

Ho Ho Ho.

Sick of your family?
Ready to get wasted and watch football?

Then we have the best thing for you...NCAA college football!

Whether it is the Gator, Rose, Outback, Fiesta or Capital One Bowl, we have all the action live, from the new Speakeasy in the basement of the Hippodrome Casino.

Head down to Leicester Square for football, fans, food and drinks.

NFL Sunday December 22nd

It's week 16 of the NFL, which means your team is most likely fighting for a playoff chance.
They're not?
Then head down to one of our fabulous locations for beer, food & friends.

Both the Hippodrome Casino (Leicester Square) & Sports Bar & Grill (Marylebone) will be playing the followign games.

New Orleans vs Carolina

New England vs Baltimore

Please note we DO NOT show NFL Gamepass Games as that is illegal, and tantamount to skinning a unicorn then grinding up the meat to feed orphans.
Feel free to bring your own device & Gamepass, but don't let anyone peek over your shoulder, or else we will be forced to call the Feds, and next thing you know you'll be sharing a bunk with Edward Snowden in a Moscow bunker.


Dec 14th & 15th

Hey Sports Fans,

We have some exciting games on tap for you this weekend, so screw Christmas shopping and get out there and watch some sports.

Sat Dec 14th
We have great games on tap in our sexy new Speakeasy located in the basement of the Hippodrome Casino.
At 7pm we will be showing the NHL match-up between the LA Kings and Ottawa Senators.

At 8pm it's America's big game as Army vs Navy in NCAA College Football action.

There will be live music on tap to set the mood as well.

Sun Dec 15th
NFL week 15! How is your team doing?
It is getting down to the wire as the teams battle for supremacy.
We will be showing Sky Games at both the Hippodrome Casino and Sports Bar-Marylebone, as anything else will land you in football jail.

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins

Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys

If you have a Gamepass and device, bring it down to enjoy the game by YOURSELF. If anyone else peeks over your shoulder, we will report you to the authorities and you will have to play Aaron Hernandez in our Jailhouse Christmas Play.

Sports Update-Nov 23rd & 24th

We have loads of games on tap for you this weekend. Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's get it on!

Saturday Nov 23rd
NCAA College Football at the Hippodrome London.
Catch #1 Alabama Crimson Tide destroy the lowly Chattanooga Somethings
Free entry. Head to the basement where we show all the games.


Sunday Nov 24th
We have games playing at both the Hippodrome Casino & Sports Bar & Grill in Marylebone Station.
Advise you get there early to secure your table.
Free entry, and loads of food and drink offers at both.

See you this weekend!

Don't forget about the Thanksgiving Spectacular Thursday Nov 28th!


Football Weekend-Nov 16/17th

Football Fans!

We have loads of games on tap for you this weekend, with the best of the NCAA and NFL games for you.

Sat Nov 16th-NCAA Football
Hippodrome Casino

Come down to the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square for the best College football games. Cheap drinks, great food, and all nestled in the basement of the Casino.
FREE entry, and colours allowed.

Sun Nov 17th-NFL in London
Sports Bar & Grill-Marylebone

Head to Marylebone station and the NFL in London is in the basement with NFL action. Grab an award winning burger, and a frosty pint. Blazing fast wifi and powerpoints at the tables.

Sun Nov 17th-NFL at the Hippo
Hippodrome Casino-Leicester Square

The biggest NFL party in central London. Loads of new friends as we blast the Sky Sports game on the big screen for all to enjoy. Try your hand at craps, blackjack or poker if you're bored.